Mentorship Committee

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Borderless Higher Education for Refugees: Building Primary/Secondary Teaching Capacities in the Dadaab Refugee Camps and Locally in Dadaab, Kenya by Increasing Access to Higher Education

Project Number: S065668 

Terms of Reference 

Student Mentorship Committee


The goal of the Student Mentorship Committee (SMC) is to aid the work of the Mentorship Program. It develops guidelines on transnational mentoring and assists with the prudent management of mentors who volunteer to support BHER students throughout their studies in the programs of their choice.  The Committee reports annually to the BHER Team on issues around mentorship.

Members of Student Mentorship Committee

Name Function Institution E-mail address
Siraji Sirajudiin Member YU/WUSC
Negin Dahya Member YU
New Scholars Network Representative Member YU  
Atieno Adala Member AVU
Sarah Dryden-Peterson Member Harvard University
Wanjiku Khamasi Member MU
Isabella Mbai/Judith Mangeni Member MU
Mohammed Halane Member UBC

Meeting time

SMC meets at least quarterly or more often as need arises. Its meetings happen virtually via Skype, Webex or other communication platform appropriate to all participants and are coordinated by York University.

See Research on mentorship in Dadaab by two members of this Committee:

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