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What is the Role of Governance?

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The most important consultative process for the implementation of BHER, including monitoring for progress, was the Annual Partnership Meeting, which brought together the Partnership Committee and other supporting members from the BHER partnering institutions.

Project Leads and Directors guide all Project work, coordinate and facilitate the collaborative activities of Project Partners, and direct and supervise all staff according to the structures indicated in the Project Organization Chart.

Project Leads hold weekly staff and executive meetings and received monthly reports from all staff.

In the beginning of the project, BHER also benefitted from the work of two additional committees: 1) the Gender Equity Committee and 2) the Research and Knowledge Mobilization Committee.

We have made every effort to involve all partners in decision-making regarding all aspects of BHER. We have had good participation and engagement of all Canada and Kenya based partners despite technological communication challenges and time difference. BHER students actively participate in Project governance through representative participation on the BHER Partnership Committee and through regular submissions of program evaluations.

Committees were as follows

Dadaab Campus

dadaab campus

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