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BHER Model, Phase 2-A

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York University Certificate in Educational Studies (Elementary)
The York CES-E is based on the one-year B.Ed. program that was the standard teaching credential in Ontario until it was replaced with a two-year B.Ed. program in 2014 (check this). The program was comprised of 6 half-courses in elementary curriculum and instruction and 4 half-courses in educational foundations. Eight of the half-courses were taught on-site in a face-to-face, Moodle (add link supported format in August, December, and April (school holidays in Dadaab) of each year. Two of the foundational half-courses were offered on-line from September to April. A note describing the BHER project was sent to all faculty in Education at York University and a group of 12 – 15 interested tenure and contract faculty met regularly to work on re-designing courses to make them relevant and appropriate in the context of teaching and learning in Dadaab. Two WUSC (add link students studying at York who had grown up and gone to school in Dadaab were hired as “curriculum consultants” to advise course directors in course development and re-design. A retired faculty member from Tanzania living in Toronto was hired to create a lecture and package of support materials recounting the history of schooling in eastern Africa to supplement the history of education course offered as part of the Certificate.

What Happened

The Certificate was  offered in to two Cohorts of students in the Dadaab camps and host community. Don and HaEun, please give me text to add here re achievements and challenges.

Templates, Documents, Resources

York University Certificate in Educational Studies (Elementary)


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