Program Development

BHER Model, Phase 1

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The goal of the Increased Skills for Tertiary Education Program (InSTEP) Program of the BHER project was to prepare students who had been deemed eligible to enter the BHER related university programs for university level certificates, diplomas and degrees.  The InSTEP Program was led by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), Windle Inernational Kenya (WIK) and the African Virtual University (AVU).   Don, HaEun: please add to this description, including a description of the three InStep programs.

What Happened

InSTep was not successful as a ‘transition-into-university’ program because students did not want to spend a year taking remedial courses that did not render any university credit – neither WUSC, WIK and AVU could offer university credit…. Don and HaEun, please add more here

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York University Certificate in Educational Studies (Elementary)


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