Decolonizing and Gender Politics

BHER Gender and Equity Committee

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It is within the preceding context that the BHER’s Gender and Equity Committee (GEC) was formed, with the hope that with its prompting and guidance, all the participating institutions will abide by a set of principles aimed at addressing years of gender inequity in education at the Dadaab refugee camps. Among its specific goals were efforts to promote gender equality in all programs offered by BHER affiliated institutions, especially as they pertain to the recruitment and retention of girls and women in in these programs; to advise the BHER team on gender and equity issues, including those stipulated by GAC’s Gender Equality Policy, and the United Nations Security Council’s Resolutions 1323 and 1820; and to collect, analyze, and disseminate relevant information on gender equality to BHER partners. This committee also advises the BHER team on other equity issues including addressing the needs of people with disabilities and those belonging to ethnic minorities in the Dadaab camps.

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